I.  Definitives of 15th July 1858

Cohen mentions that very little is known about any possible essays for this issue.
Certain catalogues (Kohl and Michel) mentions essays on smooth paper and ribbed paper in all four values. Kohl even indicates the number of known issues as 3 issues on smooth paper and 6 on ribbed paper . Seranne, in his "Vademecum" (page 381) mentions the existence of three issues of essays on white paper. But on the other hand, neither the Mo�ns catalogue which usually indicates most known essays nor any other catalogue makes any reference.
The only item he knew about was this one:
A paper, 23mm x 14mm, divided by chalk into 32 squares, with 8 imprints each of the 54, 108, 81 and 27 Parale values. The three highest values are in Black, the 27 parale is Bluish green.
We have now added another such item - all values printed in black
It is from Stanculescus collection, sold by Cornphila a few years ago, described as follows:
Gorjan re-prints
A col Gorjan is mentioned as part of the Romanian Philatelic society 1895 "Original sheet containing eight vertical rows of four values of the original dies from the first issue "Bulls Head" showing 54 par + 27 par + 81 par + 108 par black on greenish paper
bearing on reverse part of red seal as well as blue seal mark "Directiunea Generala A Archivelor Statului Romania" and the signature of the General Director in manuscript"
"described by Fritz Heimbüchler in "Der Rumäniensammler" (No 103, page 11) Heimbüchler cert (1999)
Also, we have a few more items, reprints but not Gorjan reprints......

Postmaster Gorjan reprint  No 1 (?)  54/108/81/27 
Postmaster Gorjan reprint no (?)  54/27/81/108
Postmaster Gorjan reprint No 4   Greyish black on vertically laid white paper, with three Bulls head watermarks
Courtesy: Corinphila Auctions
Postmaster Gorjan reprints No  5,  Greyish black on laid green paper without watermark
Courtesy: Corinphila Auktionen