"J´ai donc voulu seulment offrir un point de depart pour une future classification et description" E. Cohen
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Our starting point and inspiration is the work of the great collector Edouard Cohen
"Contributions a létude des essais des timbres-poste de Roumanie".
We have added to that work a few new additions, some new findings and sometimes colour pictures. We have no ambition whatsoever to claim that this is a summary of what is known in this area. Much research has been made since 1945, also by Cohen. What we do is to publish what is brought to our attention - to offer a starting point for future classification and description.

As we are not out to confuse anybody, we have kept Cohens catalogisation -
thus adopted designs of the 50b of the 1922 issue is 26H in our pages as in Cohen.
New entries will have special markings (19/II is a new entry between Cohen´s 19 and 20)

Background colour
Items placed inside a grey rectangle are items that we regard as forgeries
Items placed inside a light green rectangle are fascimiles of rejected designs produced by Visoianu.
Items placed inside a pink rectangle are fascimiles of rejected designs of unknown origin.
There has existed originals that these copy -
if anyone could provide us with scans of such items we would be very happy.

forgery fascimile fascimile

Many pages will be slow to load - we´re working on it, but we believe you are prepared to wait rather than have the pictures very, very small....Any contributions from collectors are more than welcome!!
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