Womens organisations &
Making a block of these two is about as clumsy as anything -
(indicates that all other organisations are for old men..... hm)
and there are more like these to find amongst for example Culture or Unions, anyway....................

Uniunea Femeilor Democrate din Romania (1948 - 53)  Membership card

1948  1st issue
5L dark red
10L blue to dark blue
20L green
100L light red
1952  2nd issue   overprint
1952 Bani 25 / 5L red
1952 Bani 50 / 10L light blue
1952  3d issue
25B red
50B dark blue

Federatia Democratia a Femeilor din Romania

100L blue, yellow, red

Tineretul Progresist din Romania (1946 - 1950)

1946  1st issue
100L red
400L dark green
500L light brown
1948 Second issue
100L red
200L dark blue
300L dark brown
1000L olive green

World Youth & Student Festival

IV Festival
5B blue, 10B red violet, 25B orange