Here we show cinderellas that are not listed in the Catalogul Timbrelor Fiscale Romanesti  2006
-we are thankful for all contributions! And also for additional information


m39.jpg (12375 bytes)
Germans in Bucowina

"Nansen stamp" UN aid stamp between world wars

1952 Fee stamp CGM
The unlisted variations 10/200L + 15/300L
might also exist
bancaanglo.jpg (7822 bytes) Banca Anglo Romana
k8a.jpg (38047 bytes)

1930  Col Tescani photos   Courtesy Mr Dragoteanu

ARLUS - 6L blue unlisted
as is this overprint

Head in relief
2 - 8L

1924 left stamp known with text:         1936 stamp
Targ de mostre int. din Viena
9-13 martie 1924

State Water Committe / State Water Inspection

For Pioneer Fund
In service of people forward

You subscribe to new loans (?)

Progressive youth of Romania
Unity Democracy Reconstruction
Listed with 100L red, 200L dark blue, 300L dark brown

For the unemployed - what coat of arms??

1932  Soccer Club Unirea

1932  Centrala Premilor Comerciala
Preco Marca    Semper valoare


1967 - Honey

3d global festival for youth n students för peace
August 1951

PAX - Veritas, Libertas, Justitia

Uniunea Eureilor Pamanteni
prin tara si in tara
For Action fund


Local University Stamp Cernauti  1L and 5L
only 10L listed 

Savings stamp, Sibiu 30s

only listed w 2 L

Agostin - courtesy: Valentin Robu

1925 Braila