REGIA MONOPOLURILOR STATULUI  (Administration of State Monopoly)
1919  Regia Monopolurilor Tutunului  (Administration of tobbacco monopoly)  2 versions - one unrecorded earlier

VERSION 1 - Normal version  (Normal N in TUTUNUR, unfilled ornament at left + right, fatter letters, almost no roof on last A of Romania,
                                                  thick dot after TUTUNUR, filled auroch head in Coat of arms)

25B black, 50B red

VERSION 2 - Reversed N version  (reversed N in TUTUNUR, filled ornament, 50 thinner, roof on A in Romania, thin dot after R, white in auroch head)

30B green, 50B red
1920 RMS (Administration of State Monopoly)

grey on thin white or grey paper.  Perf 13 1/2 or imperf
1929  Casa Autonoma a Monopolului Statului I

30L blue
1929  Casa Autonoma a Monopolului Statului II

10L blue, 32L orange

1933-1948 Drug monopoly

IL green, 3L red, 3L violet, 4L green, 5L grey green, 7L violet brown, 10L olive green, 12L blue 15L violet, 17L orange, 20L brown, 30L grey olive, 40L pink red, 50L green, 70L purple, 100L brown, 200L brown, 500L ornage
1947 with overprint I.F.1947
40L pink red