This is my cinderella scrapbook.....   I´ve sorted them a bit and added some that were previously under unrecorded


1940 - 47  Sanitary Control
af62_1.jpg (19582 bytes)

1933 Timbru cosmetic
(a 4% tax on cosmetics to help fight tubercolosis)

50B orange, 1L violet brown, 2L grey blue (unrecorded),
3L violet, 4L green, 5L red (unrecorded), 6L dark olive (unrecorded)
7L lilac, 8L lilac, 8L light red brown

(note: 5L & 6L w ovp CONTROL SANITAR)
rms1920.jpg (6558 bytes)
1920 Regia Monopolului Statului RMS
(State Monopol Administration)
Perf or imperf, white or grey paper
Timbru cosmetic

Unrecorded design 20L (ovp CONTROL SANITAR), 50L  (perfin E.Z.)

1931 Fond Somaj. Ministerul Muncii (Work Ministry)
4L dark red, 8L lilac, 12L violet


1947  Vote the sun -
sunsoarele.jpg (17684 bytes)           
Communist propaganda stamp             Unrecorded variety
Red on cover Blue on cover
Courtesy: Dinu Matei
1944 Social Democratic Party

1st design black on red
2nd design with different overprints
3d design 1L red

For socialism

1 May  /The world for peace)  (lower part covered by other stamp)

1937  Cancer
kny4.jpg (14250 bytes)
1935 Milk  Three different motives
laptele1.jpg (15647 bytes)
All in: light olive, ultramarine, brown, dark cyan blue, light magenta, red orange or violet
1959  Societatea de stiinte medicale

2L red  10L blue
Membership book; cover  inside

1965 Same values on double stamp w value top right
1993  Sanitas Romania

healthspa.jpg (6946 bytes)

1920 Marasesti Front Society
marisesti2.jpg (13460 bytes)marasestiblue.jpg (7057 bytes)
1L red, violet or blue
y4.jpg (29374 bytes)

Listed under sports...  AVSAP
1952  Volontary Association to support national defence

Unknown soldier  (un-listed)

Automobil Clubul Roman  (Romanian car Club)  + Tires
cfrt2.jpg (39005 bytes)

Citizate = Fee
5L yellowgreen (1978)
25L green (?)
50L yellow (1978)
50L cachi (1983)
50L yellow (1991)
full member
150L orange (1978)
150L orange (1979)
150L red (1980)
150L blue (1981)
150L light blue (82)
supporting member
75L blue (1979)
75L green (1980)
75L yellow (1981)
75L yellow (1982)
75L cachi (1983)
young member
10L green (1979)
10L orange (1980)
10L purple (1981)

Normal, 5 years and 70 years
tyres.jpg (14101 bytes)
1975  Danubiana   Rumanian tyres


Paris 1900
sold3252.jpg (23810 bytes)
Commemorating Gold medal to Graphic Institute Carol Göbl
cindbb2.jpg (7181 bytes)
JUD ILFOV   Plant school  (Fruit, creatures, bushes)
Commercial label  (unlisted)
cinddd1.jpg (10989 bytes)
Commercial label Cooperativ Merkur  (unlisted)

Oil, Bucharest  (unlisted)

Operett at National theatre



1947 essay for a cinderella for Filatelia magazine
1992 Posta Romana  Dovada de subscriere

(lower part of stamp not visible here - has text: subscriere)

Editor? Craiova  (unlisted)


mai2.jpg (8287 bytes)
Secret police, Communist era (More similar)
secretservicecourier2.jpg (12031 bytes)
Courier, Secret Service(?), Communist era


cindbb5.jpg (15331 bytes)
1934 Anti-revisionist league 2L blue, 6L orange, 12L red
PrinceMircea2.jpg (30027 bytes)
1933 (?)Prince Mircea Society
cindbb11.jpg (20709 bytes)
192?  Social fund of "Club Roman" in Vienna   Red, brown, blue

Specialized page

1987 Austria greets Romania

1972 Train station Gara de Nord 100 years

2nd Republic Wine Competition
Green listed, Blue unlisted

census56.jpg (25560 bytes)
1956  Population counting
a/ Sprijinind   brown on olive or grey
b/ Rasunzind  brown on green, blue or orange
niorga.jpg (8423 bytes)
1931  ultramarine, carmine or dark brown

1946 Romanian writers (unrecorded)
3776_1.jpg (10839 bytes)
1938/39 Control Stamps for postcards edited by Straja Tiri

Franz Kölcsey, poet from Transylvania 1790-1838
cosmescu37.jpg (6057 bytes)