1. For the deported / Satu-Mare 1945
50L green, 100L black, 200L red (are shown)
100L black on greenish, 100L black on red, 200L black on greenish... are listed

2. Jewish Ortodox Center, Birou
25B bluegreen 50B brown

1920 Haggibbor Sports Club in Cluj
1L black on red, 2L black on yellow, 5L black, 10L brown
unknownjudaica.jpg (7117 bytes)
Max Nordau - a stamp issued by the Jewish National Fund in 1909 (at the head office in Cologne). It is not a Romanian stamp. The Bucuresti postmark on the stamp may be explained as a private initiative of some one who affixed the stamp on the letter. Those stamps were sold for collecting funds to buy land for settlements in the Holy Land.

A.D. Gordon  (unclear if this is a Romanian cinderella)
Around 1995-2000 a lot of cinderella blocks w re-issues of cinderellas or locals were issued. Don´t know who made them and if they were anything but philatelic
2000 Haggibbor sports association Cluj 80 years

2000 Stamp exhibition Romania - Israel in Cluj