Different Peace & International Solidarity Funds


50B blue  A zecea aniversaire a miscarii mondiale pentru pace
50B blue  Traiasca Pacea si prietenia intre popoare
peascefund1.jpg (18355 bytes)
1966 International Solidarity Fund I
5L blue
intsolfund5L.jpg (20147 bytes)
1973 ISF II  No wmk
3L blue
5L red brown
solidarity1n.jpg (16859 bytes)
1980  ISF III  (same motives)  wmk RPR
3L olive
5L red brown
1987  ISF IV  (same motives)  no wmk
3L ultramarine
5L red brown
solidarity3n.jpg (17147 bytes)

There is no difference in description of ISF 1973 5L and 1987 5L - does anybody know how to tell them apart?