Official culture fond
1932 Wm 7 Perf 13 1/2
2L bluegreen

1934 No wm Perf 13 1/2
pamp13.jpg (10032 bytes)
1932 Porto
Perf 13 1/2
3L greyblack
pamp14.jpg (6498 bytes)

191?   Theatre stamps

1/2     B black,
1        B violet,
2        B black,
2 1/2  B brown,
5        B green

192? theatre stamps

1/2     B black
1        B violet
2 1/2  B brown
5        B green
10      B red
15      B olive green
25      B blue
50      B orange
1        L brown
5        L red

1922 National Culture I

2L, 6L, 10L, 15L, 25L, 28L, 30L, 35L, 40L, 45L, 60L
6L, 10L, 12L, 30L, 35L, 40L

10L red, 12L blue, 15L brown, 16L green, 20L violet, 30L green, 38L green,  40L brown, 50L blue, 50L light violet, 50L dark violet, 70L red, 80L red, 100L yellowgreen
culturnat1.jpg (27928 bytes)

1924 - 48 National Culture II

2L redbrown, 3L redbrown, 5L grey, 5L pale violet,
5L orange, 5L green (shown here, unlisted) 6L brown,
6L olive green, 6L prussian blue, 8L purple brown,
8L orange, 10L yellow green, 10L orange, 10L red orange, 10L magenta, 10L redbrown, 10L blue,
12L prussian blue, 15L olive green, 15L violet,
18L olive, 18L blue, 20L blue, 20L greyblue,
20L olive, 20L green,25L orange, 25L blue,
25L green, 25L olive, 25L grey, 30L olive,
30L orange, 32L orange, 35L pale violet,
40L blue, 40L olive, 40L green,
40L yellow (shown here, unlisted), 45L red orange,
48L yellow, 50L greyblue, 50L blue, 50L red orange,
50L green, 50L vernil, 50L violet, 55L brown,
60L blue violet, 60L red orange, 70L brown red,
70L blue (shown here, unlisted), 75L yellow,
80L blue, 85L green, 90L violet, 100L yellow,
100L red orange, 100L pale blue, 120L orange,
120L pale violet, 130L ochre, 130L orange,
140L prussian blue, 150L brown, 150L violet,
160L pale violet, 200L orange, 300L orange,
350L grey, 400L chestnut, 1000L red orange,
1500L blue

incl 60L blue violet imperforated

1933 - 47 Royal Fund for Litterature and Art  Two designs

Design I
50L orange, 100L orange,
150L orange, 200L orange,
250L orange, 300L orange,
400L orange, 500L orange,
1000L blue, 2000L blue,
 5000L blue

Design II
10000L black on orange paper, 20000L black on orange paper
pamp15.jpg (8003 bytes)pamp16.jpg (10545 bytes)

1937  Timbru teatral si artistic  Organisation for national theatre, Romanian Opera and events

2L violet  

1940  Composers, painters, sculptors

1L redbrown (unlisted)
2L orange,
3L yellowish green,
3L dark blue,
10L dark green,
20L indigo,
50L redbrown,
100L black,
100L orange
100L brown
500L carmine,
5000L blackish green

1941  Association for German-Romanian Culture

2L orange brown  

1945  Editura Cultura Nationala

60L red
80L dark blue
100L red
120L blue (imper)
160L red

1947  Composers, painters, sculptors  (H = horizontal overprint  V = vertical overprint)

"15.Aug 1947" (H) on 2L,
"15.Aug 1947" (V) on 2L,  
2 on 3L green, "15.Aug 1947"  on 3L green, 
"15.Aug 1947"  on 10L dark green,
"15.Aug UN LEU"  on 5000L blackish green,
compozitori2.jpg (4251 bytes)

1939 - 48  Casa Scriitorilor (Writers House)  Different motives

1L green
1L blue
1L violet
1L orange
1L violet
4L brown
4L green
5L red brown
10L brown
10L lilac
20L dark brown
40L brown
40L violet
100L brown
200L dark brown
1000/ 1L blue
1000L dark violetbrown
3000/ 10L brown
5000L dark green

2L brown
2L red
3L black
3L brown
3L violet
1948/ 1L red
1948/ 5L red
casascriitorilo1L.jpg (3960 bytes)scrii2.jpg (4131 bytes)scriii3.jpg (3034 bytes)scriiit20.jpg (2942 bytes)scriii4.jpg (2894 bytes)
1L orange, 4L brown, 4L green, 5L brown, 10L brown,20L brown,40L brown,

 100L brown, 200L brown, ,

1939 - 48  Casa Scriitorilor (Writers House)  Un leu overprints

un leu/ 1000L dark brown
un leu/ 5000L green (b)
un leu/ 5000L green (r)
scrii3.jpg (4052 bytes)

1939 - 48  Casa Scriitorilor (Writers House)  Later issues
2L brown
2L red
3L black
3L brown
3L violet
1948/ 1L red
1948/ 5L red
scrii1.jpg (3758 bytes)scriii1.jpg (3213 bytes)scriii2.jpg (3698 bytes)

1942 - 52 Home for retired journalists

2L blue (mast), idem w ovp 15 aug 947,
2L blue (torch), idem w ovp Lei 0,50

courtesy: Nicolaide Matache

1941  German National Theatre Timisoara

4 motives in three colours each:
Blue, Dark brown and Redorange
.........Ein einig volk von Br�der
Seid einig-einig-einig
Wir haben diesen boden uns erschaffen
Wir sind ein Volk und einig wollen wir handeln

Unlisted  - These are seen with Casa Scriitilor revenues on printed matter - could be price tag for book?
Especially since the denomination is high
10.000L blue 
70.000L blue