CGM (Workers Union)-CCS (Central Counsel of Unions 1954 - 65)
I divide this into three parts: CGM, CGM Cultural stamp and CCS



1945 1st issue  (Comission for organisation of unions in Romania)  Shaking hands

4 types, 3 classes -
Hands on red background, big or small,
hands with factories as background, big or small

Class 1-a red, Class II-a greyblue, Class III-a violet
cgmn2.jpg (8088 bytes)

1946 - 65  Stamp showing duration of participation in union / different motives

1946 - 1 AN dark lilac
1947 - 1 AN dark carmine
                      brown red
                      with CCS instead of CGM
1947 - 2 AN
1948 - 3 AN
1949 - 4 AN
1950 - 5 AN
1955 - 10 AN
1960 - 15 AN
1965 - 20 AN
cgmn3.jpg (8663 bytes)

1947 Second Congress

25L red cgmn1.jpg (8156 bytes)

1947 Fee stamp issue 1  Double stamp

1L lilac
2L blue
3L green
5L red
10L orange
15L ultramarine
20L red violet
25L blue
30L black
40L brown
50L lilac
60L green
70L yellow
80L blue
90L redbrown
100L violet
200L olive
300L brown
ceefer1.jpg (3224 bytes)

1952 Fee stamp issue 2

0,25/ 5L red
0,50/ 10L orange
0,75/ 15L blue (unlisted)
1 Leu/ 20L red violet
1,25/ 25L blue
1,50/ 30L black
2 Lei/ 40L brown
2,50/ 50L lilac
3 Lei/ 60L green
3,50/ 70L yellow
4 Lei/ 80L blue
also with inverted ovp
4,50/ 90L redbrown
5 Lei/100L violet
(10/200 + 15/300 is unlisted
but  might be able to find?)
cgmn4.jpg (24390 bytes)

1952 Fee stamp issue 3

25B lilac brown
50B black
1L violet
1.25L light blue
1.50L violet
2L blue
2.50L orange
3.50L green
4L light brown
4.50L grey green
5L light yellow brown
10L light purple
15L blue
cgmn5.jpg (4290 bytes)

* 1945 Peasants party in Romania

30L   dark brown (1945)
150L orange
10L   red
50B / 10L red (1952
value + sickle
value + sickle
Just text
Just text
WORKERS UNION CULTURAL STAMP     (Confederatia generala a muncii  - timbru cultural)

1945 1st issue Worker with torch

10L violet
20L greygreen
50L brown
100L violet
1000L orange
2000L blue
5000L brown violet

1945 2nd issue Book & torch

5L ultramarine
10L violet
20L violet
50L brown
100L orange
100L blue
100L lilac
500L blue

LEI 100/ 20L violet
LEI 100 MII / 10L violet

Book with CGM stamps

1947 3d issue  Currency reform

LEI 2/ 10L violet
LEI 2/ 20L violet
5LEI/ 5L ultramarine
5LEI/ 500L blue

1947 4th issue

LEI 10/ 1000L orange
LEI 10/ 5000L brown
LEI 50/ 2000L blue
LEI 100/ 20L greygreen
LEI 100/ 5000L brown violet
cgmn7.jpg (6481 bytes)

1946 United unions - Cultural fund

200L red & black cegeem2a.jpg (7481 bytes)

1947 Intreprinderile de Eidtura SAR

2000L green
5000L carmine brown
10000L light brown
20000L orange
cegeem2b.jpg (3619 bytes)

1947 Gospodariile rurale  (Mobile cinemas)  with or without serial numbers

1L red
3L orange
5L blue
 cinema4mb.jpg (7394 bytes)   cegeem2c.jpg (6129 bytes)

1947 Union theatre  (Teatrul sindical)

20L red

1947 National Union of Students in Romania

5  L light blue
10L brown

1947 To raise the cultural level of the youth

10L red violet
20L red
50L olive
100L brown
200L blue
cgmn6.jpg (11526 bytes)cgm-utm2.jpg (10215 bytes)


CCS  Three issues 1954 -65
1954  1/10  First issue  Double stamp  left part: Timbru de cotizatie/value+CCS/COTOR  Perf 14 1/2:14
Right part sunrise, low values in part of Lei instead of Bani, size a little wider, cliche a little less high, numbers bigger
0.25L   red
0,50L   black
0,75L   blue
1L        red violet
1.25 L  grey
1.50L   dark brown olive
2L        blue
2.50L   orange
3L        olive
3.50 L  green
4L        light red brown
4.50L   green blue
5L        red brown
10L      purple
15L      dark carmine
ccsrpr1.jpg (4957 bytes) 
This is the left part
of double stamp
1957 1/1 Second issue  Double stamp  left part: Text in 4 lines/ thick text/first line is COTOR
Right part sunrise,  low values in BANI, size a little thinner, cliche a little higher, numbers smaller
25B      orange
50B      black
75B      blue
1L        red violet
1.25 L  grey
1.50L   dark brown olive
2L        dark blue
2.50L   orange
3L        dark green
3.50 L  green
4L        yellow
4.50L   dark olive
5L        light brown
10L      lilac
15L     red
1960  1/5  Third issue Double stamp,  left part: Text in 4 lines/ thin text/first line is COTOR
Right part coat of arms
1L       light blue
2L       purple
3L       light olive
4L       carmine
5L       red brown
10L     red orange
15L     violet
20L     olive ochre
30L     green

1957 issue & 1960 issue in union book