1920?   Fondul Zootechnic
perf 11 1/2 or imperf, no wm, thin white paper. Black overprint. Exists perforated horizontally only. Exists bisected (halved).
There seems to be an infinite amount of variables here. Trying to list what I see
1a.   50B purple  
1b.   50B salmon
1c.   50B rose
BASIC SET (No Lei, small plain numerals)
2a.     1 Lei blue
3a.     1 Leu blue  
4a.     2L blue
5a.     2L olive
6a.     2L yellow
7a.     3 L green   (different types)
8a.     5L red  (also w double ovp)
9a.     7L brown
10a. 10L orange
11a. 15L grey
12a. 20L brown  (also ovp Taxa)
13a. 30L violet
14a. 40L dark red
BASIC SET (Lei, small fat numerals, no serifs)
2b.     1 Lei blue
3b.     1 Leu blue  
4b.     2L blue
5b.     2L olive
6b.     2L yellow
7b.     3 L green   (different types)
8b.     5L red  (also w double ovp)
9b.     7L brown
10b. 10L orange
11b. 15L grey
12b. 20L brown  (also ovp Taxa)
13b. 30L violet
14b. 40L dark red
  bisected       2 bisected
BASIC SET (as b, but large fat numeralsi)
2c.     1 Lei blue
3c.     1 Leu blue  
4c.     2L blue
5c.     2L olive
6c.     2L yellow
7c.     3 L green   (different types)
8c.     5L red  (also w double ovp)
9c.     7L brown
10c. 10L orange
11c. 15L grey
12c. 20L brown  (also ovp Taxa)
13c. 30L violet
14c. 40L dark red
BASIC SET (large numbers w serifs.)(Variations)
2d.     1 Lei blue
3d.     1 Leu blue  
4d.     2L blue
5d.     2L olive
6d.     2L yellow
7d.     3 L green   (different types)
8d.     5L red  (also w double ovp)
9d.     7L brown
10d. 10L orange
11d. 15L grey
12d. 20L brown  (also ovp Taxa)
13d. 30L violet
14d. 40L dark red
note the difference in small corner 5s
1X.   50B purple
3X.     1Leu blue
7X.     3L green
8X.     5L red
10X. 10L orange

(I earlier had a image of a 20L here. My mistake)
(seems the imperfs have numerals in corner, but no other ovp)
OVERPRINT  (looks like violet handstamp)
15.  5 on 3 L green
aggg3c.jpg (4479 bytes)
TYPES  (different types)
1. Fat numeral
2. Thin numeral
3. No numeral, but Bani or Lei (see 50B)
4. Numeral, but no Bani or Lei
5L red          Double ovp
20L brown   Ovp taxa

Fat numeral               No Lei


c 1925  COW  general issue   no wm Perf 13 1/2

2L red,
3L green,
5L purple, 
10L blue




COW  Local issues
Caliacra district   3L red  
Constanta district  2L blue  
Durostor district  1L grey, 2L blue, 3L red, 4L green, 5L grey,
                           6L orange, 10L violet, 20L brown
Fagaras district    1L yellow, 2L blue, 4L green  
Ramnicu Sarat    2L carmine, 3L green, 5L violet  
Salaj district          2L blue, 5L red, 10Lgreen


1930 Camera de agricultura
1L green,
2L orange,
3L lilac,
5L brown,
10L blue

eget2.jpg (37537 bytes)
1932     Localoverprints

Alba, Ciuc,   Fagaras, Ilfov, Jud Ilfov, Odh  (Oderhei), Satu-Mare, Sgs (Sighisoara), Somes
             also local ovps with value repeated
1940  Smaller format  Camera de agricultura 
5L olive green,
10L orange,
15L purple-brown,
25L brown,
50L blue,
100L magenta,
100L purple,
250L green,
250L brown,
1000L dark red,
1000L violet brown


1931  Asociatiuna Exportatorilor de Nuci   (Nut Export Association)
50L olive green aggg2.jpg (4476 bytes)


1931 Stamps for wheat
50B light blue,
50B dark blue,
1L green,
1L dark green
1936 Bread control stamps   (Pentru plugari - for farmers)
250gr orange,
500gr green,
(no value) violet
1940  Timbru control paine. Pentru plugari
100gr orange,
250gr blue,
500gr brown,
750gr green,
1kg red

1932? For protection of birds and animals
1L brown
2L violet
aggg1.jpg (3723 bytes)
1935  Agricultural franking stamp for the railway (CFR)
25L black
35L black