Before WWII Romania was divided into 71 districts.
In 1940 2 districts in Southern Dobrogea was surrendered to Bulgaria and 12 districts in Bessarabia and Bucowina was surrendered to the Soviet Union. The Vienna dictate of May 1940 further resulted in the loss of 10 districts in Transylvania to Hungary.
Romania entered the war 22/6 1941 which also marks the beginning of censorship.
The first cancellations consisted of the word CENZURAT, without date or city, and the variety of forms shows that the designs was decided locally.
Near the end of 1941 comes the first CC with name of town, and, often, censor number.
The 12 districts of Bessarabia and Bucowina we


Cotolan: Postal Censorship in Romania 1941 - 1946 WW2
Dan Grecu: The Romanian Field Post Offices 1940
Dan Grecu: Free Military Postal Stationery (1941 - 1945)

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