CC for Jails, Poltical Prisoner Camps and Work Camps
Strafgesetzbuch:    Gesetz über Strafanstalten, rechtskräftig geworden am 1.1.1930
Telegut, M:            Peniteniary censor-Markings (1941-43)
                              (Romanian Philatelic Studies 3/1982) 

Feb 41 violet 30mm aag1.jpg (6261 bytes)
Military Prison of 1 Infantery Division in Timisoara
Aug 41 red 60:28mm aag2.jpg (10661 bytes)1941-caracal2.jpg (4430 bytes)
Work Camp Nevoiasi (Piatra Olt-Caracal)
(Railroad building camp for jews)
Jan 43 -
Okt 44
violet 30mm aag3.jpg (6085 bytes)
Political Prisoner Camp in Targu Jiu
Jul 41 violet 52:23mm aag4.jpg (9617 bytes)
Special Prison Caransebes/
Please write to prisoners only in Rumanian and on postcards/
Jul 42 violet 28:15mm aag5.jpg (4635 bytes)
Special Prison Caransebes
Text: Special Prison / Censured
Oct 43 violet 30:10mm aag6.jpg (3343 bytes)
Special Prison Caransebes
Text: Seen by us/Administration
Prison Aiud
Prison Doftana