In November - December 1916 German troups occupied parts of Romania. From the 24/2 1917 the Army operated the "Deutschen Landespost in Rumänien". From the 1/7 1917 this operated in the western parts of Romania. Excluded was the areas controlled by the "Operations- und Etappengebiet der 9. Armee" and also Dobrogea. These were included from the 1/3 1918. Censorship was at first performed by the German "Kommendatur" in Bucharest, and from spring 1918 by censors in more western Romanian towns. 
More info: Dan Grecu: German Military Administration in Romania
1R = First row 2R= Second row  A= Antiqua  G= Grotesk   R= Month in Roman

g1.jpg (10064 bytes)
Frame: 53:30  Colour: red  Use: June 1917
1R: 42:4 G  2R: 6mm high A  3R: 42:4,5mm A
g2.jpg (9406 bytes)
Frame: 51:27  Colour: green, violet, red  Use: Aug-Dec 1917
1R: 39:4 G  2R: 5,5mm high A  3R: 40:5mm A
g3.jpg (9419 bytes)
Frame: 52:28  Colour: red  Use: September 1917
1R: 28:4 G  2R: 5,5mm high A  3R: 41:5mm A
g4.jpg (11488 bytes)
Frame: 61:36  Colour: red, blue, dark violet 
Use: August 17 - March 18
1R: 33:5 G  2R: 5,5mm high A, R  3R: 51:6mm A
g14.jpg (13138 bytes)
Frame: 61:36  Colour: red, green  Use: Nov 17- Apr 18
1R: 39:4 G  2R: 5,5mm high R  3R: 54:6mm A
g15.jpg (13843 bytes)
Frame: 61:36  Colour: violet  Use: Dec 17 - Mar 18
1R: 43:5 A  2R: 5,5mm high A  3R: 50:6mm A
g16.jpg (12406 bytes)
Frame: 61:36  Colour: red, blue, green, violet 
Use: November 17 - November 18
1R: 35:5 A  2R: 5,5mm high A, R  3R: 50:6mm A
g17.jpg (12010 bytes)
Frame: 61:36  Colour: black, red 
Use: Feb - Jun 18 (in June also without date)
1R: 38:5 A  2R: 5,5mm high A  3R: 48:6mm A
g9.jpg (11691 bytes)
Frame: 54:32,5  Colour: black, green, blue
Use: March - May 1918
1R: 5mm high G  2R: 4mm high G  3R: 4,5mm G
g10.jpg (8144 bytes)
Frame: 49:20,5  Colour: blue, black, green
Use: June - November 1918
1R: 40:6 G  2R: 46:5,5mm G
g11.jpg (7718 bytes)
Frame: 48:20,5  Colour: violet, dark blue 
Use: July - September 1918
1R: 37:5,5 G    2R: 45:5,5mm G
g12.jpg (5827 bytes)
48:17  Colour: violet  Use: January 1918
1R: 28:3 G  2R: 3mm high G  3R: 48:3mm A
g13.jpg (7676 bytes)
38:22  Colour: black, bluegreen, violet
Use: February - June 1918
1R: 38:5,5 G  2R: 6,5mm high A  3R: 38:5,5mm A
g5.jpg (6974 bytes)
49:17  Colour: blue, violet, dark violet
Use: June - July 1918
1R: 41:5 G  2R: 4mm high G  3R: 49:3,5mm A
g6.jpg (8583 bytes)
45:24  Colour: blue  Use: August 1918
1R: 45:5 G  2R: 5mm high A  3R: 43:6,5mm A
g7.jpg (6091 bytes)
38:17,5  Colour: violet  Use: August 1918
1R: 38:5 G  2R: 3,7mm high G  3R: 36:4mm A
g8.jpg (3835 bytes)
Frame: 28:13  Colour: black  Use: March 1918
1R: 20:4 A  2R: 24:4/3mm A
From areas controlled by the 9th Army after inclusion into the "Deutschen Landespost"

Bank censhorship
g2-1.jpg (18417 bytes)
Business Post from Banks were censored by internal control - proven by control cancellation.
Such Post could be controlled once again by the Bucharest Censors.
Censor numbers
Many letters and cards have an additional cancel with censor number, a square 7:7mm:
Censor number could also be hand written
Military cancellations
g2-2.jpg (17704 bytes)
Sometimes military cancellations were used as a sign of censorship - when used on civilian post directed through the Field Post.